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Plants vs Zombies

Plants VS Zombies is a fun and easy game where you have to fight the undead with unusual weapons, growing plants in your

Plants vs. Zombies are certainly quite different. Zombie hordes like to eat your brain and do what it takes to reach your home.You will find zombies, from ordinary undead, to rugby players, divers and ({} (‘review-app-page-desktop’)}};

Although you need to use tactics and tactics to survive, to a certain extent, the plant equals zombies are scattered in theBowling mini as well, though you will have fruit for the balls and zombies instead of pins. These challenges and other challenges will give you some points you can use later on to buy new plants or to improve what you already have.

In addition to the original adventure mode,Retail the plant with ZombiesNagmumula it in another form to entertain you for hours. In survival mode, you have to defend against the endless horde of zombies, so you can check the period it takes until the garden.Zen voRezhimot, you will have time to relax and take care of their plants bagogamitin the benefits of your garden’s ability.

To protect yourself from the zombies, you will be more flower and vegetables to choose from:Flowering, kolobling to lower your enemies or mushrooms and vegetables to help you keep a light source. Use it as a currency for the growth of these new plants that will help make your home a demonic proof.

Control and play

Plant resistanceZombies are controlled by the mouse. Breeds are easy to do, to help you cope with progress;

Curve for factory studies compared to zombies is simpler: the game sets you quite free on the previous page,To the point where it feels like walking thoroughly. Little difficulties will gradually increase until the most dangerous attacks occur that your defense needs and resources are used correctly.


Technically,The plant against zombies is not the most cutting-edge game, but of course nothing is lost. An attractive design feature that sometimes impresses you with a unique look.


No doubt,Plants compared to. Zombies are one of the most entertaining and addictive games you can play on the computer. The number of plants and zombies is large, but gradually it is introduced to prevent you from stopping for a long time.

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