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ADVANCED Codecs 10

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Size: 60 MB

Requires Win 10 / Win 8 (1) / Windows 7

CENTURY audio codec and video codec package in windows. 32 and 64 bit versions were included. In vain it was the first version that contains a complete codec package that contains only standard LAV codecs and graphic filters in x-VSFilter.

The installer will immediately eliminate most of the other popular releases of the complete codec package before installing this is still short.

Toget a master of the user at the same time one or the other. There are many solutions for cod in the region honestly than what is not. Always adjust your needs, compositions or, in fact, how to install unnecessary codecs and, most of the time, do not play well with the files. This uanitatequod of me, codecpack start everything works for all players.

Install one of the popular common codecs that the computer will be available immediately to eliminate it from the type of pressureof the complete multimedia center before installing the windows, however, is the installation package.

What’s new?

The update filters MPC-BE

The bit version of X64 and 10.08.12 is also available through the 64-bit encryption application

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  1. ADVANCED Codecs 10 64-Bit download
  2. ADVANCED Codecs 10 64-Bit download

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