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My petging Tom Talking Talking Tom Cat is a virtual pet game. Tom needs to be happy to feed, take her to the bathroom and sleep and play with him. . (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); more interactive than ever. Talking Tom holds Talking Tom Cat’s basic functions, but things are still far further, giving more and more colleagues. All the most important You can talk to TOM Cat and other clothes in 7 animal games, for example,repeat everything you say with your voice in the upper voice and interactwith it in different ways. But in my Talking Tom format they feel more like a virtual pet game, Pou. You have to do with your feline friends, such as wearing small games, customizing their appearance, choosing food and choosing to decorate the home of Tom. Other important features One has the ability to share your Tom videos with pain. I need to find game games, as I get Talking Tom’s new stuff, so you can buy themor buy them. You know that you spend time with your cat and have the same system to meet your needs.You can unlock new items and objects from the store at the highest level. There are small games such as My Talking Tom, such as whack-a-mole, coins and entertainment TomI meet your needs. How to play My Talking TomPou (and TamagotxisGaia for this purpose), I need to Talking Tom your pets to complete some. At the bottom of the screen, roundabouts are represented, running slowly and gettingFill them with specific actions. The principle is easy to understand and when you play for the first time, the concept ofMy Talking Tom is testing you well. There are meters that need light: entertainment (Talking Tom’s pets or small packets full of palette), food (leaked stuffed foods), taking the bladder (recycled) to the toilet) and fatigue ( Tom sits in bed and breaks off the light). To do any of these steps, you must click on the corresponding meter icon.

Howis he trying for it My Talking Tom graphics work and general presentations have not had a lot of importance with Tom Talking 2. Feline is still looking the same to alarge extent (although you can adjust it more) and its huge voices are the same. Also, Tom appears in the game The only character (for example, there is no love Talking Ben Talking, or his unwanted neighbor, Talking Ben Dog. My ability to Talking Tom to visit the houses of other players and look at how decorated.add more coins. It’s also a fun game where you have to guess what Tom is wearing, which is very funny, especially for younger players. If you’re talking about PurrfectTom Cat or Pou, My Talking, youcan enjoy Tom, the most confusing items. However, some are constantly and repeatedly disturbed in the process of finding a constant response to the cat.

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